Penny Ausley and Brittany May are the blogging team behind Happy-Days-Farm. They have been blogging and creating social media content since 2012. In 2006, Penny fulfilled a dream of moving into the country on some acreage. She immediately went to work landscaping and developing the gardens on her new property. Penny gardens out of love, not profession. For as long as she can remember, she has had a passion for flowers, plants and trees. After graduating college she worked in a florist, and started her own gardening adventures when she got married, even though they lived in the city. Her passion for gardening, flowers, design, and decor has flourished ever since, and she has been recently cultivating a new passion for photography. Penny also loves to bring the outdoors inside, so many of her flowers are grown with the idea that they will eventually be inside, as part of her home decor. Instagram became the social media outlet that Penny has used to showcase Happy-Days-Farm. Brittany always wanted to be a photographer, and flowers were often the subject of her photos. She has always loved gardening with a special focus on herbs. After finishing her graduate degree, she began studying to become an herbalist, because it combined a love of gardening, with a love for animals, and a talent for research. This study has had a dual benefit of not only creating a beautiful garden, but also supplemental, healthy food and medicinal items to use with their animals. Research has come in handy for creating their website, and generating the content for their blog and Facebook. Together, with their combined skills, they run the farm, which not only encompasses the gardens, but also a chicken coop, guinea house, heritage turkeys, and rabbits.
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