True Tales from Happy Days Farm

Almost four years ago, I wrote a collection of children's stories about life at Happy Days Farm. I put it on the back burner for a couple of years, then began looking for a publisher. I had several positives, but they wanted to change some things and shorten the stories too much. That hurt my heart! I decided to self-publish, and began searching for an artist. Well, as you can see here, everything finally came together. I am so excited! The illustrations beautifully depict the characters you see and read about here at Happy Days Farm perfectly! There are four stories in all, 'Chachi Does the Cha Cha', 'Kenny the Guinea', 'Marilyn Lays an Egg', and 'Sugar's First Christmas'. I love that my book is unique in that each story tells about actual events that have happened on the farm. Christmas will be here soon, and if you have small children, or grandchildren, I know they will enjoy it. Check out our stories for more illustrations.
♡You can find 'True Tales From Happy Days Farm' ♡ here 

 Here is a preview of the inside

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