An Easy to Grow Succulent: String of Pearls

String of Pearls Succulent in a Chicken Planter
Southern Chicks Wear Pearls!

If you are wanting to start growing succulents, I would suggest beginning with this lovely variety known as 'String of Pearls.' This simple little plant adds so much whimsy to any area of the garden, porch, or indoors. And, if you don't have a green thumb, this is an excellent place to start! 

Many years ago, I used to have several pots of the odd, string of pearls, but for one reason or another, I no longer had them. I stumbled across this lovely planter at a local garden shop, and of course, the beautiful 'String of Pearls' was sitting right next to it. So, I had to start growing it once again, and yes, I have missed them.  After all........

"Pearls are always appropriate" ~ Jackie O.

String of Pearls is easy to maintain.  If it is over 60 degrees, I leave it outside, in the direct sunlight. During the cooler months, bring it indoors, and place them near a window so that it can still get light. I love putting them in containers like this or hanging baskets so the tendrils can grow long. Your new plant will start off very small, but with a little care, the tendrils can easily reach 2-3 feet in length.

A Few Other Tips:

1. Make sure the pot has a drainage hole. 
2. Don't over-water, this is a very drought tolerant plant. Watering once a week is perfect, too much water, and the plant may start root-rot.
3. The 'pearls' can be toxic, so make sure that your pets or children can't eat them.
4. You can grow more by taking a simple cutting and allowing it to take root in a new pot!
5. Trimming the ends will make the pearls more compact and healthier.

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