Easy Coffee Ice Cream & Westrock Coffee

Westrock Coffee and coffee trees

I am going to take just a moment to tell you a little about my favorite coffee. Westrock Coffee Company has created a coffee that literally changes lives. Now, if you are like me, coffee changes my life daily! However, they literally change lives. The history of the development of this company, and its' mission is amazing. This company provides jobs to farmers, especially women, in some of the poorest areas, such as Rwanda. They teach them how to grow the beans, they teach them how to farm the land, and then, they even teach them how to manage their new income streams wisely. These women use this money to provide for their families, increase there land holdings, hire people to help them, and so much more. I was amazed as I listened to them recount the stories of their travels to these areas, and their work with these women. To learn more about this wonderful company and their products, click here.
Easy to make coffee ice cream with Westrock Coffee
Now, besides drinking this wonderful coffee, let me share my favorite recipe for coffee ice-cream. It is so easy, and you only need a strong cup of coffee, and four other ingredients.

2 cups heavy cream
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup half/half
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 cup brewed coffee (strong)

Mix the cream and sugar together until sugar dissolves. Then, add half/half, coffee, and vanilla.
Add to ice cream maker and follow their instructions.

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