Decorating with Slip Covers

Using different slip covers for decorating
Same Couch - 3 Styles
We love slipcovers. They are so simple, and knowing you can remove them and wash anytime, takes so much frustration away. Also, we have several sets of custom slipcovers, and we can switch them out anytime they need to be cleaned, or we want to seasonally change them. We can change the entire feel of the room by switching out these covers in about 20 minutes.

You can actually pick up very basic slipcovers at most home stores, but we wanted a slightly different look, so we found a lady locally who actually made the covers for us, using fabric that we chose. Not only does the couch itself have a cover, so does each individual pillow and cushion. This gives a nice finished look, and most people don't actually believe the couch is slip covered.

Here is just one example of a practical reason to love slip covers. Last Christmas, 'Casper' managed to spill something all over one of the cushions. Luckily, I was able to remove just the one cover, and immediately stain treat it and put it in the washing machine! 

Here is a quick video showing just how simple it is to swap out your slip covers. 
(This is, of course, on a speed setting. The entire process took approximately 20 minutes-the video is just 3 minutes.)

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