Tractor Supply Company and Nashville

Tractor Supply Headquarters in Brentwood Tennessee
Last weekend we had the opportunity to visit the Tractor Supply Company headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee. (Right outside of Nashville) On Friday, we were given a tour of their beautiful facility, and met some of their incredibly hospitable employees. Everyone was so friendly, and we learned a lot about this top notch company, and we are excited to be brand ambassadors!

Tractor Supply Headquarters in Brentwood Tennessee
 We were amazed at how community minded the company is, with their focus on customer service, and programs like the FFA, Pet Adoption, and serving communities from their 1,600 stores all over the United States.
Tractor Supply Out Here Ambassadors Happy Days Farm, Dreamy Whites Lifestyle, Fancy Farm Girl, Brettan Hawkins
Not only did we get to meet Brettan from Tractor Supply (and so many others), but we were also there with a couple other friends we had met on Instagram, Maria from @dreamywhiteslifestyle and Kelly @fancyfarmgirl.
Downtown Nashville, Tennessee
They took us out for several really nice meals while we were there: Puckett's in Franklin, and Pinewood Social in Nashville. Great food, live music, and a bowling alley in Pinewood gave us a taste of the night life in the country music capital of the world. We ventured over Broadway on Friday night, and it was a little too busy for these farm girls, so we headed back to the hotel for some R&R.
Draper James, Happy Days Farm
Another highlight of our trip was a visit to Draper James (Reese Witherspoon's boutique at 12th Avenue South). This was on our to-do list while visiting the Nashville area. It was right up these southern girl's alley when we walked through the door and they said to us, "would you like a glass of sweet tea." If you are ever in the Nashville area, we highly recommend a visit to this boutique.
DeAnn Art
Another thing on our to-do list was to visit the art gallery of DeAnn Art. We were hoping to meet her in person, but unfortunately, she wasn't there that day. We did, however, get to see the area she paints in, and view many of her beautiful pieces.

Never have I seen so many beautiful homes, as they have in the Nashville area. The rolling hills, are home to everything from palatial estates, to plantations and log cabins. Amazing barns, and farm lands are as far as the eye can see.

We had a wonderful time, and look forward to visiting again sometime in the near future.

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