My Top 10 Favorite Gifts for the Gardener!

Christmas is almost here!
Are you having a hard time deciding what to give that special gardener in your life? There is so much great stuff available at every price point! You will find it hard to decide which great item your loved one will like the best! (Click on the photos to be directed to the items!)

For this post, I am going to share with you my personal favorite items!
The herb stripper is a great little item that every herb gardener should have, and it is a steal at only $6.99! What an amazing stocking stuffer!
(photo credit: Gardener's Supply)
The garden hod is a handy item for any gardener whether they are harvesting beautiful blooms or vegetables. At $49.95, it is a must for the avid gardener in your life.
(Photo Credit: Gardener's Supply)
If you are just not sure what to get, everyone loves flowers right? One of these beautiful baskets will be delivered once a month for six months! How special! It will feel like Christmas till March! At $199.00, I dare you to find a florist that would be able to compete with this price!
(photo credit: Gardener's Supply)
We got our very first grow-light last year! It was so great being able to start seeds super-early! Plus, we were able to grow herbs easily even in the winter months. This Stack-n-Grow light system is around $125.
(photo credit: Gardener's Supply)
Who couldn't use a few pairs of new gloves! These nitrile gloves are great, and so light weight. Plus, as a bonus, the small size actually fits me! (I have tiny hands, and gloves are always too big!) These stocking stuffers are only $5.95!
(Photo Credit: Rainbow Mealworms)
What true gardener doesn't love song-birds? We give mealworms to our chickens, turkey, and guineas, but the bluebirds absolutely love them. Use these babies to attract bluebirds to your yard in droves! We buy ours from Rainbow Mealworms, they are raised totally in the USA! The price ranges from $8-$40 depending on the quantity you order.
This sweet lady, Jan Bills, has written a book this year! You may know her from her Facebook page Two Women and a Hoe. Jan is an amazing writer, and this book would make an awesome stocking stuffer! A steal at only $14.95!
(photo credit: Gardener's Supply)
If this looks familiar, you have seen it in photos from the log cabin! This beautiful copper candle holder adds a touch of elegance to any holiday table. A timer candle inside lets you come home to a cozy feel as soon as you walk in the door. Gardener's Supply is my go-to magazine and website this time of year, and this candle is on sale for $19.95!
(Photo Credit: Shop P.Allen Smith)
 These gorgeous peonies are available from P. Allen Smith's Shop. They are incredible, and the entire collection is $69.95. Peonies are actually very hard to find! So great to see them already collected into one gift combo!
(Photo Credit: Gardener's Supply)
Finally, if you just can't decide what to get that special person, don't! Let them pick it out themselves. Does anyone actually not like a gift card?

I hope you have enjoyed our gardening gift guide, and may even consider a few of these items for the gardeners in your life! 

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