Choose "Happy"

When asked why we chose to name our farm, "Happy Days Farm," I paused for a moment. 
The reason may be different than you are assuming.  If you have noticed our farm photos, we surround ourselves with the word whenever we can, as a reminder.

Was it because all our days are happy?..........Most assuredly not.
Living a farm life is most definitely not always happy. There are usually more hard days than happy ones. Life is also no different here than anywhere else. We work hard both here at the farm, and at a regular full time job. 

So why did we choose "Happy?" It is something we strive for. "Happy" can happen at any time, in any place. "Happy" doesn't discriminate. "Happy" is neither rich nor poor. "Happy" is a choice, and sometimes, it is a hard choice. "Happy" is a state of mind. I choose, in this moment, despite all circumstances surrounding me, to be Happy." Sometimes, this means walking away and not having the last word in an argument. Doing this simply says, I am not basing my "Happy" on you. No one else can make you "Happy," and it is liberating to realize that it isn't their job to do so. Only YOU can choose "Happy" for yourself. It isn't a permanent state of being. It is a moment-by-moment lifestyle choice. 

Do I fail sometimes?..........Absolutely- more times than not.
Do I have days where I am anything but happy?..........Of course.
Is life always fair?............Absolutely not. 
Am I blessed?.............Most definitely!
Am I happy?...............When I choose to look at my blessings rather than my problems.

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