Easy, No-Sew Ice Pack Cover

Whether you are icing your sore back, or giving an ice pack to your pet to battle the heat, you have to wrap the ice pack in a towel, right? This towel shifts, and doesn't stay in place, making icing your back difficult to keep covered. Plus, the towel doesn't stay long at all if you are providing for a pet.

A secure cover is needed especially if you are providing an ice pack like these gel packs to cool your pets. If the gel inside isn't non-toxic, you will need to ensure the fact that they will not be able to chew into it, plus it protects their skin from actually getting cold burned.

This cover only takes about five minutes to make, beginning to end. Then a few hours to allow the
glue to set up. (Of course, you could sew the edges if you wanted to.)
I used a soft piece of fleece that I got at the fabric store, on sale, 60% off since it is off season.
I put the ice pack down to measure off how much of the fleece I needed. Then, I cut it double so that 
one side wouldn't even need to be glued.
I doubled the fabric over to make sure the fit was correct, and I used the scissors to
 make the edges even.
I reversed the material, and used Tack Glue on both side edges, leaving the end open
On the open end, I added velcro sticky tabs. This makes it so I can remove the ice pack to re-freeze, 
and still be able to throw the cover in the washing machine if I need to.
This ice pack cover has been Sugar approved. He dearly loves sitting/laying on this ice pack, even though he is an indoor rabbit. (Remember, he is always stuck in a fur coat)
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