A Living Herb Wreath Project

This wreath is so easy to make! It is a fun do it yourself project that would make a great gift also. They are lovely hanging on a patio door, or anywhere you can easily snip what you are needing for the kitchen.
Starting with your form, you need to fill with a potting soil.
For herbs I picked low growing ones so it will be easy to maintain the wreath shape:
I purchased 2 of each in a carpet or crawling variety! 
Golden, Variegated Sage
English Thyme
Rosemary (the crawling type)
Chocolate Chip Ajuga- (not really an herb, but it is edible. Added for color)
Step 1:
Fill the form with potting soil, and pack it down slightly.
Step 2:
Put backing on and latch- the form I used and suggested came with the liner, and precut holes.

Step 3:
Flip the wreath form over.
Step 4:
Remove the herbs, one by one, from their pots, and slightly trim their roots.
 Step 5:
Push fingers into the pre-cut holes and move dirt around to dig a hole for the herb.
Step 6: 
Gently place herbs into this hole, and carefully arrange.
Step 7:
Continue to repeat these steps, arranging the herbs around the form. I tried to place herbs that matched across from each other. Then I placed the rosemary in the center hole at the bottom.
Step 8:
These forms will dry out daily, so place your wreath in a location that will be easy to water!
This form has a hook made onto the backing to help hang it, but I prefer using a nice piece of rope. It adds a rustic look, and makes it easier to move for watering!
Don't worry if it looks a little sparse to begin with, in a couple of weeks it will fill in nicely.

Update- Herbal Wreath, 1 month later

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