Pallet Herb Gardens- Raised Beds!

If you have limited space for a garden, pour soil conditions, or wild 'friends' that like
to make a daily visit, then perhaps a pallet garden is just what you need. They are easy to make, and create a weed-free garden throughout the entire season. The only hard part is locating pallets that have not been chemically treated.

 Cheap Design for Raised Beds!
1. Pallets
2. Weed Block Material
3. Staple Gun
4. 3 (1 Cubic) bags of soil per pallet
5. Herbs

Completely cover bottom and sides of
 pallet in weed material, secure with staples
Hopefully, the weeds will not work up through the all the block material!
Lay them out where you will want them to stay!
Close up.
Pour bags of dirt on top, and push through the slats.
Figure the design for the Herbs
Push Herbs through the slats, reach in and cover with dirt.
Water them really well to set them in.
I am attempting vegetables in this one just to see how it goes!
I have 2 tomatoes, 2 zucchini, 2 squash, 1 cucumber in this one.
2 parsley, 2 oregano, 2 thyme, 1 lemon balm, 2 basil, 1 dill

To see what the gardens looked like in just 2 weeks, click here!
At week 5, we began harvesting, click here!

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