Why the same nesting box?

We have 3 nesting boxes. Identical in size, shape, location.

You can see them here:
Now, don't get me wrong, I love to come out and find all my eggs neatly arranged in a single nesting box, but why?

What is too funny, is hearing them fight over one box. It is like a line of ladies waiting in the bathroom They are walking around, clucking, getting upset, and I look up there and find two empty boxes. What are they doing, they are all trying to fit in one box, and when it can't fit any more, the others wait till they can get in. What I love, is finding an egg in the tray in front of the nesting boxes, you can see in the photo above. This happens when they have waited too long. 

Miss Bella likes to have the box all to herself and not share. She perches outside the box on its ledge till she is just about ready to lay her egg, then she jumps in. You can tell that Buffy is not too happy with this situation!

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