An Evening with the Beekman Boys

Last Thursday evening we had a nice surprise! I noticed an ad on my computer
that I really couldn't believe. The Beekman Boys were going to be in Asheboro, NC for 
an event to sponsor the organization 'Friends of the Library.' What was even more shocking 
was the fact that it was that evening! It was a free event, first come first serve seating. So, we basically dropped what we were doing, and headed forty-five minutes south to Asheboro, NC.
I soon realized that Brent was originally from Asheboro, so this was a homecoming for him.

What Can I Do With Rabbit Fur?

What do you do with all the fur you collect after you give your rabbits a good brush?
As you know, I have three rabbits. One lion head, and two double-maned lion heads can create 
a massive amount of fur, and I always feel like it is such a waste to throw it away, and I am not currently planning on learning to spin!

Rabbit Pellets, Poop, Manure, whatever you call it, it is Garden Gold (A quick overview)

Please don't tell me you simply toss your rabbit's litter waste!
Whether your rabbits are indoor or outdoor, their droppings are the best manure available.
 Let's have a little discussion about manure.
Generally speaking, all commercial grade fertilizers are made of N-P-K
All plants need these three elements to survive, and
 rabbit manure is unique, because it has a very high level of Nitrogen.

Relocating a Restored Log Cabin - Twice!

I've always loved old things! One of my favorite pastimes is antiquing and exploring
historic sites. Many years ago, my dream of owning a log cabin was made possible
in a most unexpected way. I was waiting for my son while he was taking swimming
lessons in a backyard pool, in a neighborhood across town.  I noticed a one room log cabin with
a loft, in the backyard of a house that was for sale. Excited, I called the realty group
handling the house and expressed my interest in purchasing the cabin. They agreed to call
the sellers to see if they would indeed sell the cabin. I was delighted when they agreed, and
the price was fantastic! I couldn't wait to get home and tell my husband about my new
discovery. But, how were we going to get a cabin moved three miles across town, within
city limits? My husband just happened to know a young guy that was experienced in moving houses.
He had learned the trade from his father. After getting the necessary permits, we started making plans for the move. The young mover had to ride along on top of the cabin to hold up any hanging
wires or move any signal lights out of the way, but was able to get it to our house in a matter of
a few hours. It was quite an endeavor. He even moved the cabin with the porch intact, and it
arrived in perfect condition. 
Original Photo- Credit Times News of Burlington, NC Woody Marshall.

An Additional Litter Box for Rabbits

I have two litter boxes available for my rabbits. One stays in their cages, which are always open, and it has a grate across the top. This helps keep their cages a bit cleaner, and contains the mess.
However, rabbits love their litter boxes. I provide the large litter box, pictured above,  for them out in the room. Rabbits also love to eat while they are in their litter box, and they will even lay down in the box if it is large enough. Having the sides, gives them privacy, and protects the floor when they are scratching around in the box.

Simple Herbs for a Stressed Out Rabbit

While there are many herbs that will have a calming soothing effect on your rabbit, the ones that I choose to treat with the most are lavender and chamomile. I will also mix some oregano into the feed sometimes as an immune system boost. Just like people, rabbits will have a higher tendency to get sick when they are stressed. When my two does turned eight months old, it was a very hard time. Their hormones were surging, and they were much more irritable than they were just a couple months before.

Quick and Creamy Broccoli Soup

Who doesn't love broccoli soup? I know we do! This is a quick and easy recipe that I am sure
you will use time and again. We use it year round, lunch and dinner.  It is so versatile. From
a beautiful tea time luncheon, to a comforting dinner on a cold evening, this broccoli soup
is a keeper.

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