Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Attempt Making Fresh Eggs Daily's Lavender Mint Refresh Spray

Yesterday, I started my first batch of Fresh Eggs Daily's Coop Refresher Spray! It looked so pretty in the jar, and I cannot wait until it is completed and ready to use! 
For the exact recipe for the spray, please visit Lisa's original post! 

I made one slight adaption to the recipe, because I didn't have a vanilla bean in my pantry. The vanilla bean is used in the spray to deter insects. Chamomile also is an insect deterrent, so I added a handful of that to the mixture instead. After just 24 hours, the spray has already turned a pretty lavender color, and is starting to smell heavenly! In 2 weeks it will be completely done, and I will use it as a safe alternative to chemical cleaners for the chicken coop and rabbit cages!

Thanks Lisa for the great recipe!
Head on over to Fresh Eggs Daily to learn more about this great spray, and get the recipe.                 

Just click the link below!

Lavender Vanilla Mint Refresh Spray for your Coop and Home

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Living Herb Wreath Project

This wreath is so easy to make! It is a fun do it yourself project that would make a great gift also! 
If you can't find the forms, click here to order one from Amazon.

For herbs I picked low growing ones so it will be easy to maintain the wreath shape:
I purchased 2 of each in a carpet or crawling variety! 
Golden, Variegated Sage
English Thyme
Rosemary (the crawling type)
Chocolate Chip Ajuga- (not really an herb, but it is edible. Added for color)

Step 1:
Fill the form with potting soil, and pack it down slightly.
Step 2:
Put backing on and latch- the form I used and suggested came with the liner, and precut holes.
Step 3:
Flip the wreath form over.
Step 4:
Remove the herbs one by one from their pot, and slightly trim the roots.

Step 5:
Push fingers into the pre-cut holes and move dirt around to dig a hole for the herb to fit into.
Step 6: 
Gently place herbs into this hole, and carefully arrange.
Step 7:
Continue to repeat these steps, arranging the herbs around the form. I tried to place herbs that matched across from each other. Then I placed the rosemary in the center hole at the bottom.

Step 8:
These forms will dry out daily, so place your wreath in a location that will be easy to water!
This form has a hook made onto the backing to help hang it, but I prefer using a nice piece of rope. It adds a rustic look, and makes it easier to move for watering!
Don't worry if it looks a little sparse to begin with, in a couple of weeks it will fill in nicely.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sugar's Antics!

Sugar has been up to his normal antics around the house lately, but I just noticed that he normally sneaks and puts his posts up on Facebook and totally forgets about the blog! That is just not fair is it! So, here is a peak at what he has been putting up  on Facebook recently, just in case you missed it!

Good Morning. I need COFFEE!
Do I smell carrots?
I would much rather be watching TV right now than reading this newspaper! Pwwweeeaaaase turn on my cartoons!
Hello everyone. Sugar here. It is that time again! Time to show mean ole facebook that you really do want to see what I am up to everyday! So, how about sharing, commenting, and liking me right now, so I don't disappear from your news feed! Thanks so much, now where did I leave that carrot?
Excuse me...where are we going? You are taking me with you, right?
I don't like vampire tv shows! They are too scary for bunnies!
Sugar is not so sure about my new Easter socks.
Sugar is my little foot warmer tonight!
Sugar is acting very royal today.


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