Fluffy Layer's Tote-Bag Give-a-way!

Good Morning Everyone!
Our friend Tara, from Fluffy Layers, asked us to give one of her Tote-Bags to one of our readers!
I absolutely love this darling bag! It is great quality also, not just cute! 
As you can see in the photo below, I took this bag with me on my recent trip to Little Rock, Arkansas
for the Garden2Blog2016 event at P. Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm.
I carried this bag every day. In the photo below, I was carrying my purse, laptop, kindle, snacks, and more, and everything fit perfectly.
It held up great as we dashed through the airports! Then I carried it each day with a change of clothes and 
supplies for the day! 
So, here is your chance to register to win your very own Farm Queen Tote-Bag for free! (There are several ways to register!)
If you just can't wait, you can order one from Fluffy Layers directly here.
Or you can just visit her website Fluffy Layers. She has so many great items that you can't find anywhere else

P. Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm Part 1: The House (Garden2Grow2016)

A couple weeks ago, we were invited to attend the Garden2Grow 2016 Social Media/Blogging conference at P. Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm. After trying to decide how to get a massive amount of information into a single post, I decided to break it down into a series of posts that highlight different aspects of our trip. We had been to the farm once before for a poultry workshop, but we didn't get to see inside the house. This time, we were so excited knowing that we would get a tour of the house. When we arrived at the farm, this beautiful American Greek Revival style home stands  proudly behind a massive, beautiful oak tree, known as one of the 'Big Sister Oaks.' We spent a lot of time under this tree. It is magnificent. All we needed was a hammock and a glass of sweet tea!
Allen did an incredible job designing a home that appears to be a historical house, 
even though, it was completely built, just ten years ago. It was painted in a lime wash and distressed to look old.

Solomons Seal- A Shade Loving Herb

Solomon's Seal is a great little shade loving herb. It is a delicate plant that hates the sun, but thrives and spreads in the perfect, shady situation. Closely related to Lily of the Valley, the tiny, white flowers will turn into small black berries.It is debated, but the flowers, leaves, and berries are said to be poisonous while the stem and the root can be eaten or used in medicine. I would suggest researching prior to ingesting this in any way. I hesitated even referring to it as an herb for this reason, but it is technically a very powerful herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years to treat everything from broken bones and arthritis, to bruising and respiratory issues. 
To learn more about the medicinal uses of this plant, click here.

A Day in Atlanta

Last week, we went to Atlanta. On our only full day there, we were able to do several things, that were all within a few miles of each other!
Our first stop was the Georgia Aquarium.
This aquarium was absolutely huge. We saw thousands of different sea creatures from exotic fish, seahorses, and jellyfish, to whales, dolphins, and penguins. We even stood and watched as some scuba divers cleaned the inside of one of the massive tanks. This tank alone holds 10 million gallons of salt water. 
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