Can You Eat Turkey Eggs?

Can you eat turkey eggs?

Yes, you can eat turkey eggs. They taste very similar to chicken eggs, but are richer. They contain approximately 135 calories, 9 grams of fat, and over 10 grams of protein. They are also an excellent source of iron, selenium, and the B vitamins.
However, on the down side, turkey eggs are very high in cholesterol, averaging 737 milligrams, which is more than twice the daily recommendations. They also have 2.9 grams of saturated fatty acids, meaning one egg uses 13% of your daily intake.

So why is it so rare to hear about people eating turkey eggs?
To begin with, you generally can't find turkey eggs in the store. Basically, you need to find a farmer who is raising turkeys, and allowing them to mature to the egg-laying stage.
Compared to Chickens

  • A turkey egg is approximately 50% larger than an average large chicken egg.
  • Unlike chickens, who normally need 23-28 weeks, it normally takes a full seven months for a turkey to begin laying. Most farmers purchase turkey keets in the spring, and then slaughter right before Thanksgiving. This is right about the time the females would have begun producing eggs.
  • Turkeys eat more on a daily basis than chickens, therefore increasing the cost of production of the eggs.
  • Turkeys require a much larger housing area. You cannot keep them in a tiny coop, so if you don't have a large barn to protect all of your flock, you will need a special place to keep them safe. 
  • A turkey will lay on average 100+ eggs her first year depending on breed. The average chicken will lay approximately 300 eggs her first year, then decrease by 20% each year after that.
What if you have turkey eggs and don't want to eat them?

Due to the high demand for turkey meat in this country, generally speaking, farmers, who do allow their turkey hens to have a laying season, devote all the eggs possible for hatching, not eating. This will help cut down on their own expenses because they can incubate the eggs and start their next batch of poults from their own flock, or sell fertilized eggs to other farmers or hatcheries.
Research shows that fertilized eggs, from heritage breeds, can fetch up to $3.00 per egg. Simply advertising your eggs on craigslist, or even at a local feed store may be a great way to earn some side income from your flock. The feed store may even be willing to purchase the eggs directly from you.

So, if you have turkey eggs available, you have a couple of options. I wouldn't eat them every day, but in a pinch, absolutely. Baking with them is also a good option. However, if you can confirm they are fertile, your best bet may be to hatch them or sell them yourself.

Immune Boosting Chicken's Vegetable Noodle Soup

When it is so cold outside, I really try to focus on building our flock's immune system. Some cold mornings, I do the standard oatmeal and raisins, but lately, I have been doing something a bit different. Yes, I do cook for my chickens sometimes, so before you roll your eyes, let me explain. Have you ever heard the saying that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?" If my flock gets sick, I am going to spend time, energy, and money attempting to help them get well. How much better is it to attempt to maintain their immune systems so that they don't get sick? Also, I enjoy doing it, so it isn't work.
We all know that garlic is great for the immune system, and I do add garlic powder to their feed, but to add a boost I cooked them a huge pot of their very own noodle soup. 

I went to the grocery store on my way home and grabbed a few very simple ingredients. 
Chicken Broth, Garden Rotini Noodles, Barley, Frozen Mixed Vegetables (Corn, green peas, green beans, carrots), 1 large can of diced tomatoes, 1 head of garlic.

Now, some people are going to gripe about me giving them noodles, but they love them, and these noodles are cooked in chicken broth and garlic, not water, so they do have some value.  

I literally dumped everything into my Instapot, turned it on, and thirty minutes later it was done. (I did dice the garlic, but that was it.) After it cooled, I bagged it into eight quart-size freezer bags. Now, every evening when it is going to be very cold, I pull one or two bags out, and leave them in the fridge. 

The next morning, I add some water or more broth, oatmeal, and any type of leftovers from the fridge that they might enjoy, and take it to them. It is a great way to warm them up, and help boost their immune systems to help withstand the stress of the cold winter weather. (Yes, my flock will literally drink the broth also, once the vegetables, noodles, etc, are all gone.)


My Top 10 Favorite Gifts for the Gardener!

Christmas is almost here!
Are you having a hard time deciding what to give that special gardener in your life? There is so much great stuff available at every price point! You will find it hard to decide which great item your loved one will like the best! (Click on the photos to be directed to the items!)

For this post, I am going to share with you my personal favorite items!
The herb stripper is a great little item that every herb gardener should have, and it is a steal at only $6.99! What an amazing stocking stuffer!
(photo credit: Gardener's Supply)
The garden hod is a handy item for any gardener whether they are harvesting beautiful blooms or vegetables. At $49.95, it is a must for the avid gardener in your life.
(Photo Credit: Gardener's Supply)
If you are just not sure what to get, everyone loves flowers right? One of these beautiful baskets will be delivered once a month for six months! How special! It will feel like Christmas till March! At $199.00, I dare you to find a florist that would be able to compete with this price!
(photo credit: Gardener's Supply)
We got our very first grow-light last year! It was so great being able to start seeds super-early! Plus, we were able to grow herbs easily even in the winter months. This Stack-n-Grow light system is around $125.
(photo credit: Gardener's Supply)
Who couldn't use a few pairs of new gloves! These nitrile gloves are great, and so light weight. Plus, as a bonus, the small size actually fits me! (I have tiny hands, and gloves are always too big!) These stocking stuffers are only $5.95!
(Photo Credit: Rainbow Mealworms)
What true gardener doesn't love song-birds? We give mealworms to our chickens, turkey, and guineas, but the bluebirds absolutely love them. Use these babies to attract bluebirds to your yard in droves! We buy ours from Rainbow Mealworms, they are raised totally in the USA! The price ranges from $8-$40 depending on the quantity you order.
This sweet lady, Jan Bills, has written a book this year! You may know her from her Facebook page Two Women and a Hoe. Jan is an amazing writer, and this book would make an awesome stocking stuffer! A steal at only $14.95!
(photo credit: Gardener's Supply)
If this looks familiar, you have seen it in photos from the log cabin! This beautiful copper candle holder adds a touch of elegance to any holiday table. A timer candle inside lets you come home to a cozy feel as soon as you walk in the door. Gardener's Supply is my go-to magazine and website this time of year, and this candle is on sale for $19.95!
(Photo Credit: Shop P.Allen Smith)
 These gorgeous peonies are available from P. Allen Smith's Shop. They are incredible, and the entire collection is $69.95. Peonies are actually very hard to find! So great to see them already collected into one gift combo!
(Photo Credit: Gardener's Supply)
Finally, if you just can't decide what to get that special person, don't! Let them pick it out themselves. Does anyone actually not like a gift card?

I hope you have enjoyed our gardening gift guide, and may even consider a few of these items for the gardeners in your life! 

Christmas 2015 Throw Back Tour

Hey everyone! We’ve been busy working on this year’s Christmas decor around the farm. We’re excited about some new things for 2016. In the meantime, let’s take a mini tour of the house decor from 2015. Hope you will enjoy it and who knows? Maybe you will have a little inspiration!
Let’s start through the front door! As you enter the front door, and step into the foyer, the first thing you see is the living room tree.  I love having the tree here. It looks pretty through the leaded glass doors at night! As you pass down the street, it looks like it is sparkling! You can also see the tree from the dining room and study. It’s nice to see it while we share our Christmas Eve dinner.
This tree is decorated with an assortment of ornaments. I used ornaments in different shades of pink, greens, blues and golds. Most of them I have had for years. The walls in this room are pale gold, and the Aubusson needlepoint rugs are off white with floral bouquets in all of these colors. The ceiling of the foyer has a handpainted scene with cherubs and florals.
None of my trees actually have a theme. I’ve just enjoyed collecting ornaments that are interesting and that I love, and also that go with the color scheme of the room. Since this tree is in the formal part of the home, it is decorated in an elegant, almost Victorian style. I have vintage Victorian furniture in the living room.
To the left of the foyer is the study, let’s visit this room. Actually this room is a study, library and guest bedroom. This room is also done in pinks and greens. This little tabletop tree gives this room a cozy, and welcoming glow. I have it decorated in pretty pink vintage ornaments. In Victorian times, you would often see these tabletop trees in decor.
On this ladies writing desk, I have a vintage pink typewriter. I enjoy decorating around it for the different seasons. This was taken on a day that I made our family recipe of Brownstone Front Cake.
To the right of the foyer is the dining room. This room is what I call Old World style. I fell in love with these toile parsons’s chairs done in this Bosporus fabric. This is the tablescape that I used during Christmas and during our annual Christmas Eve dinner. The plates are from Johnson Brothers and called Old Britain Castles. I use them every year. This nativity set is I always used as a centerpiece.
The tree in this room is actually one normally used on the front porch or patio. I decorated it in colors that I pulled from the chairs and needlepoint rug. There are peacocks and florals in the rug in beautiful jewel tones of teal, turquoise, reds, greens and golds.
The next room you will see is the sitting area of the master bedroom. This room is simply decorated with two white slipcovered club chairs, ottoman, and white shag area rug.  As you can see, there are also touches of pink.
Here, I have another pink tabletop tree. The mantel is covered with a white snow blanket and lights hidden underneath for a winter scene. Bottle brush trees, a little glittered coach with horse and glittered cottage gives the mantel a dreamy, storybook look.
My bed is covered with a white matelasse bedspread and shams. I found the pink and white toile, european pillow shams, years ago and just had to have them! I think they look so elegant. To complete the look, I have these beautiful toile stockings displayed in this room.
This is a picture of my farmhouse apron sink decorated in simple greens and gingham ribbon. I think this sink is one of the focal points in my kitchen.
Another focal point in my kitchen is my Country Charm Stove, one of my favorite pieces in my home. It is cast iron with a porcelain top. It is a reproduction of an old wood cook stove, electrified. This little lady has served our family well for many years.
Our final room on the tour today is the family room. This is where the family gathers. As you can see this is a bright and cheerful space. Yellow! The tree in this room is decorated in an assortment of ornaments that coordinate with the colors from these two comfy chairs and the needlepoint rug. This is a room where we can all relax and hang out.
The mantel in this room is decorated with a vintage, glittered, putz village that we have had in the family since I was a little girl. It is just magical! My mother used to place it underneath the Christmas tree. I would sit and stare at it for hours, letting my imagination travel to Christmases long ago.
I hope you enjoyed our little Christmas tour 2015!. We’re excited for Christmas 2016!  We have done some new things this year and I can’t wait to share! Hope you will check back to see!
Have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!


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