Treat Mix for our Guinea Fowl & Chickens

I keep a huge tub of this treat mix ready for the guinea fowl. I must admit most people let their guinea be free-range, and get 95 percent of their diet from foraging for bugs and ticks, eating grasses. However, I do keep a station set up with fresh water, extra feed and treats, just in case they want something more. This can be used for the chickens also, because they absolutely have a fit when I am mixing this up for the guineas! I always have to throw them a handful to enjoy, just so I can get past them to give it to the guinea!
I feed all my chickens and guineas Nutrena Naturewise Pellets and Crumble, and as you can see, I use a scoop of the feed in the treat mixture also. In addition to this, I add a scoop of scratch grains, a scoop of millet, and a scoop of dried mealworms.
Keep in mind these are TREATS ... these should not be used as their only source of feed. Also, please remember to provide water for all your free-range animals like the guinea. In heat or cold, even free-range guinea may have difficulty finding water sources that are usually available to them.
Guinea Collage

The Joy of Indoor Rabbit Keeping

 The Joy of Indoor Rabbit Keeping

This may be a new concept for you, just like it was for me three years ago when I began this journey. I didn't start out with the intention of having three rabbits living indoors. I received my first precious dwarf Lionhead rabbit, Sugar, for a Christmas gift three years ago. He was a little six month old bunny who had been living in an outdoor hutch his entire life. He was wary of the attention I was giving him, and didn't understand being inside.  However, it didn't take him long to start exploring the house and testing his boundaries. He was litter box trained in two days, and began returning to his cage on command in about a week. Because he was six months old when we got him, he had already reached the 'teenager' stage, and it took approximately six more months before he decided it was safe to bond with me. Now, he is my little shadow. He has an amazing personality, and even though rabbits are considered a silent animal, he voices his opinions loudly with thumps, grunts, and an array of other communications that you simply have to listen to hear.
So, Sugar is fully house-trained, travels with us in the car, walks on a leash, responds to commands, ignores us when he chooses, and most of the time eats healthier, organic foods than we do! 

Traveling with your Rabbit

Sugar loves to go for rides in the car. 
He is a great little travel buddy. He goes to the office with me sometimes, but
has actually traveled as far as a 14 hour trip. He does great in the car, and I always have his vest, leash, and carrier. I also travel with my rabbit first aid kit, fresh hay, water, pellets, litter, etc.
Believe me, if you need something for your rabbit while out of town, you don't want to have to try to locate a rabbit specific item in a strange city. 

My Rescue Rabbits: CoCo and Chanel

When I rescued CoCo and Chanel, they did not smell good.
Their fur was mated from never being brushed, and it had urine matted in it.
Chanel, being white, was actually covered in urine stains. I am sure CoCo was too, but 
his dark fur helped mask it.

Herbal Tea Electrolyte Ice Blocks for your Rabbits

 Herbal Tea/Electrolyte Ice Blocks
Summer is being a bit harsh this year. 
The temperatures have been hovering in the upper 90's for weeks, and 
the humidity is just insane.
Day after day of heat like this will not only take a toll on us, but it has 
a cumulative and detrimental effect on your rabbits or chickens. 

Rabbit First Aid Kit

Do you have a Rabbit First Aid kit set up at your house for your buns?
First off, I will say that Rabbits get sick fast, and have to be treated fast.
No matter what this issue, a wound, respiratory, or digestive, you need to go to a rabbit savy vet ASAP, these suggestions are only to supplement vet care, and have on hand for emergencies.

Victorian Trading Company

One of my favorite mail order catalogs is from the company Victorian Trading Co.  I have been a customer for as long as I can remember! I am so excited when I go to the mailbox and see one of their catalogs, just waiting for me! I've always had a love for the Victorian era. I think it was such a romantic time! As you walk through my home,  you can see how I incorporate many of their beautiful items.   Now that I have a little hobby farm, I have been delighted to see that many of the items they have in their catalog, and online fit right in to the farmhouse decor. I love "nesting" and decorating my home and changing it up from season to season. Victorian Trading Co. has a plethora of gorgeous items from which to choose, from the inside to the outside of your home. 
Click here
This is the Cape May tablecloth from the Castle and Cottage Collection.  As you can see, it is perfect for a luncheon on the patio, or would be equally as beautiful on a table indoors for lunch or dinner.
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