In Season Magazine

For the last couple months, we have been working with Fresh Eggs Daily and 1840 Farm to bring you a new online publication called In Season Magazine! The holiday edition was just released!  Follow the link to enjoy over 100 pages of information, recipes, gift ideas, etc. Head on over and click through!

Orange Clove Christmas Balls

Easy Orange Clove Balls
All you need:
Whole Cloves
1 toothpick
Design as you wish!
It took just a couple hours and the entire cabin smelled heavenly!

Greek Omelets

Ingredients- Per omelet.
2 Eggs, Feta, Shredded Swiss & Gruyere, Tomatoes, Olives, Salt/Pepper 
Crack eggs into dish. One trick, I always add about 2 tablespoons of water to
keep the eggs from browning in the pan. The water cooks out first allowing the eggs to heat without browning.
Next, I lightly spray the pan with Olive Oil, turn on medium heat, and pour in eggs.
I make omelets thin, and I don't flip them. So, I use a spatula to lightly
release the sides of the omelet from the pan. (you don't want your eggs to brown)
As the omelet firms up, I twist the pan to expose more of the runny egg to the hot sides of the pan.
As soon as the bottom of the omelet is firming up, but the top is still runny,
start adding your toppings, I add the feta first so it has the longest to melt.
Then I add tomatoes, olives, and the shredded cheese. (sometimes I add spinach)
As soon as you finish, use the spatula to flip the sides on top of the omelet, and slip the omelet
around on the pan for just another few seconds to allow the cheese to warm up and melt.
(When I order omelets in restaurants, I always ask for them to be cooked soft~ overcooked eggs are yucky!)
Beginning to end, once in the pan, it should only take about 2 minutes to cook the whole omelet!

Adventures in Vegas!

A few weeks ago, we had a business/vacation trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. We were gone for about a week and missed our chickens, guineas, and bunnies tremendously. Thankfully, we have very capable caregivers for our babies, and were confident they would be happy and healthy when we returned.

We have traveled to Las Vegas for the past four years to attend the massive APEX and SEMA
shows.  We enjoy our trips to Vegas and look forward to seeing business friends, making new contacts, eating, shopping and walking the strip. We averaged walking ten miles a day. So, if you ever plan to visit Las Vegas, be sure to pack your walking shoes!

This year we were able to visit some great restaurants that included Giada's Restaurant at the Cromwell Hotel and Gordan Ramsey's Steak House at the Paris Hotel. Our favorite restaurant was the Top Of The World restaurant, at the Stratosphere. The restaurant revolves as you dine, and you have
a 360º view of Las Vegas and the surrounding desert. Dining there in the evening provides a spectacular show of all the Vegas lights!

We were able to visit the Mob Museum, the Shark Tank at Mandalay Bay and take a ride on the
High Roller, currently the largest ferris wheel in the world!
We actually got to meet a few celebrities on our trip! We met and spoke with Willie Robertson, from
Duck Dynasty, Nascar driver, Danica Patrick, B.K. Cannon from the show Switched at Birth and
saw Kody and Janelle Brown from the show Sister Wives.
Another highlight of our trip was meeting a fellow chicken keeper Yvette Cochran, from Fresh Eggs Daily. Yvette was in Las Vegas on a business trip as well. It was such a surprise finding out that she was in Las Vegas at the same time we were, and that we would actually get to meet each other!
All too soon, our trip came to a close. We were, however, happy to get back home to our critters, family, and friends. As we walked out of the Raleigh airport to get the car,  I could literally smell the pine trees. It smelled wonderful! The air was cool, crisp and almost moist, compared to the dry desert air we had been in the past week.

All in all, it was a great trip. It is always fun to travel and explore the land we live in. I always have to agree with the old cliché though, "There is no place like home!"

Easy Homemade Slaw

It's getting cold here in North Carolina! Yesterday, we were ready for a little
comfort food for supper!  Our menu included,  pulled pork barbeque sandwiches
with slaw and homemade brunswick stew. We thought we would share our easy homemade
slaw recipe.