Starting a Raised Garden

Do you want a vegetable garden, but for many different reasons, you don't think it is possible?

1. You have tried before, and the garden failed.
2. You were told your soil wasn't good enough.
3. You don't have enough time.
4. You have garden pests that destroy everything.
5. You have a bad back, and you can't bend over to tend the garden.

Did you know that all of these can be solved by building a raised garden? 
The amount of problems you encounter will determine what type of bed you need. We have a horrible
time with deer eating everything, and I loved the idea of controlling the soil completely, so a raised bed seemed like the perfect solution for us.

Grow Amazing Tomatoes Anywhere

I firmly believe that there is an art form to growing tomatoes. I have tried many different tips and tricks through the years. Actually, I feel like I have tried it all....using lime, epsom salt, coffee, gardening stakes, tomato cages, twine, hosiery, and other tomato planters.
This year, I am trying something brand new that I am so excited about!
 The Gardener's Revolution Tomato Garden from Gardener's Supply Co. arrived a few weeks ago.
This amazing planter is self-watering, from the bottom, to avoid black spot from watering at the top. It holds 1.5 gallons of water, so I only have to add water maybe once every three or four days, and the plant has access to water anytime it needs it. It comes with a liner, a built in stake, cage, the soil, and fertilizer! What I love about growing tomatoes in containers, is that it is so easy to move them, even after they are planted. These planters would be amazing for people who have limited space, live in condos or apartments, or even want to put one on a sun porch.
Also, you don't have the problem with weeds. The first couple days I decided I wanted to use it as a patio planter, but I decided it wasn't getting enough sun, so I transferred it to the garden.
When I began planting this, I put some of our fresh egg shells in the hole and crushed them. This little trick will add calcium to the soil to try to eliminate the threat of blossom end rot that usually develops from an insufficiency of calcium in the soil.
Next, I decided to plant a little cherry tomato that I got from Bonnie Plants. Sometimes these plants break under the weight of all the fruit, so I thought these rings might help support it better.
Finally, I topped it off with some organic fertilizer spikes from Jobe's Organics. All plants need fertilizer, and we are very picky about what type we use. I try to avoid chemical based products on anything we will be eating.

I was a bit worried about the modern, urban planter style, but once I got it, I think it looks great in my cottage style garden.
As you can see, these strong snap-on rings are doing a great job holding this plant upright. I love the fact that I can un-snap them to trap a limb that is escaping, or change the distance between them as needed. Not to mention the fact, that once summer is over, I can either move this inside and start another plant, or clean it, and it is ready to re-use next year. 
Overall, I think the planter is going to be a great investment in my garden. I will update this post when I start getting my tomatoes!

P. Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm Part 2: The Flowers

Flowers, flowers, flowers.....
What can I say? Every part of the beautiful Moss Mountain Farm was covered in flowers and gardens that were either in full bloom or about to bloom. It was incredible. 

Allen had beautiful floral arrangements on the tables at every meal and throughout his home.
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